Fire collection contains designs that convey passion – mostly in red, fuchsia, pink, orange, and purple.


Fire collection contains designs that convey passion - mostly in red, fuchsia, pink, orange, and purple

[img src=]910781 - Red and Fuchsia Beaded Crystal Bracelet and Earrings
Set of matching bracelet and earrings featuring red and fuchsia beaded flowers, made with Swarovski crystals, glass beads, and sterling silver
[img src=]480N706 - Black and Red Crystal Hearts Beaded Choker
Beaded choker necklace made with Swarovski crystal hearts, glass beads, and black metal chain
[img src=]460N685 - Red Coral Beaded Necklace
Lacy sides of red crystals with white and red seed beads with three large red coral nuggets and clear crystals in front
[img src=]540N824 - Fuchsia Varascite and Pearls Necklace
Statement necklace made with fuchsia varascite and hand-knotted strand of pearls, with sterling silver
[img src=]440N921 - Red, Pink, and Orange Beaded Necklace with Glass Pendant
Spiral beaded strap of freshwater pearls, carnelian and jade, with glass flower pendant and sterling silver
[img src=]490N677 - Red and Pink Long Necklace
Long necklace with silver plated metal, red and pink coral, clear quartz, and glass beads
[img src=]490N770 - Red and Pink Long Silver Necklace
Long necklace made with red and pink magnesite and sterling silver
[img src=]350N725 - Carnelian, Orange Freshwater Pearls, and Sterling Silver Necklace
Dark carnelian flat drop pendant with filigree silver overlay, on three strands of orange freshwater pearls and carnelian
[img src=]330N1126 - Black, Red and White Necklace
Long strand of black and white onyx, red and pink coral, with art glass and sterling silver
[img src=]290N892 - Black, Red, and White Necklace
Statement necklace made with black onyx, red coral, agate, obsidian, and sterling silver
[img src=]250N1103 - Red Coral, Quartz, and Silver Necklace
Statement necklace made with large nuggets of clear quartz, red coral, and sterling silver
[img src=]310N1105 - Red, Wite, and Silver Necklace
Red and pink coral, white onyx, shell and sterling silver
[img src=]250N1106 - Red and White Necklace
Statement necklace made with magnesite, calcite, shell, and sterling silver
[img src=]230N1125 - White, Red and Pink Necklace
Art glass flower pendant, red and pink coral, white onyx, and sterling silver
[img src=]270N940 - Orange and Burgundy Beaded Necklace
Orange agate and burgundy jade, connected with fuchsia beadwork, with sterling silver chain
[img src=]220N908 - Orange Agate, Clear Quartz and Black Onyx Necklace
Large clear quartz nugget with silver nugget beads, on a strand of bright orange agate and black onyx
[img src=]240N938 - Pink Stones and Silver Necklace
Two strands of tangerine pink chalcedony and strawberry quartz, with sterling silver
[img src=]160N1021 - Orange and Purple Necklae
Two strands of hand-knotted fuchsia freshwater pearls and a strand of orange agate, with Tibetan silver flower
[img src=]190N1048 - Orange and Gray necklace
A strand of tangerine orange agate, and a strand of gray eagle eye stone, with sterling silver
[img src=]200N1007 - Fuchsia Ladybug Necklace
Fuchsia pink varascite pendant with sterling silver ladybug, on a long chain of sterling silver and varascite stones
[img src=]270N1047 - Pink and Gray Necklace
Two strands: pink stick pearls, and dark gray labradorite, with sterling silver
[img src=]210N1059 - Pink and Burgundy Necklace
Two strand s of pink petal freshwater pearls and garnet, with sterling silver
[img src=]240N1023 - Pink Necklace with Flower Pendant
A strand of flamingo pink chalcedony and clear quartz, with three flowers sterling silver pendant
[img src=]260N991 - Red, Pink and Silver Necklace
Red coral, pink stick pearls, with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver
[img src=]210N1157 - Red and Black Necklace with Silver Pendant
Two strands of red coral and black onyx, with hand-made sterling silver pendant
[img src=]250N765 - Orange Heart Beaded Lace Collar
Orange lace beaded with crystals and glass beads, with Swarovski crystal hearts and delicate sterling silver chain dangles
[img src=]250N760 - Red and Purple Beaded Lace Necklace
Red and purple lace, beaded with glass pearls, Swarovski crystals and Japanese delica beads