Elegance contains designs that are meant as accessories to special occasion outfits.  There is a lot of Swarovski crystals, pearls, and intricate beadwork.


Elegant designs that are meant as accessories to special occasion outfits.

[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_1757.jpg]23811074 - Beaded Pearls Set
Cream and beige Swarovski pearls, Japanese delica beads, sterling silver
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_0082-01.jpg]1281853 - Bridal Jewellery Set
A set of necklace, bracelet and earrings: Swarovski crystal pearls, silver plated metal with rhinestones; shown at New York Couture Fashion Week in February 2013
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_ruby-ellen-designs-fall-2013-037.jpg]930H904 - Bridal Headdress
Headdress woven with freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, and silver plated metal, with matching earrings; shown at New York Couture Fashion Week in February 2013
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_0933.jpg]840Custom Bridal Beaded Earrings
Custom earrings beaded with Japanese delica beads, sterling silver, and Swarovski pearls and crystals
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_ruby-ellen-designs-fall-2013_first-look-013.jpg]841Custom Bridal Chandellier Earrings
Earrings: sterling silver, with Swarovski pearls and crystals; shown at New York Couture Fashion Week in February 2013
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_swarovski-crystals-and-silver-set.jpg]890893 -Swarovski Crystal and Silver Set
A set set of necklace, earrings, and palm bracelet - sterling silver and Swarovski crystals; shown at New York Couture Fashion Week in February 2013
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_1749.jpg]930N871 - Pearls and Swarovski Crystal Necklace
Three strands of organic shape freshwater pearls, with shell-shaped Swarovski crystal pendant
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_1734.jpg]760N644 - Swarovski Crystal Beaded Necklace
An elegant organic triangle Swarovski crystal is suspended on a silver wire bail with two swirls. The woven rope is made with three tones of Japanese magatama glass beads, finished with sterling silver cones, chain and heart shaped clasp
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_1745.jpg]670N772 - Gold and Crystal Bridal Necklace
Swarovski crystal pendant with beaded bezel, on a necklace of Swarovski crystals and 24K-gold plated beads
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_1741.jpg]670N645 - Crsytal and Aquamarine Bridal Necklace
Large Swarovski crystal wrapped elegantly with sterling silver wire and decorated with aqua beads and crystals is suspended on a woven spiral rope of small Swarovski crystals, aquamarine, and glass beads
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_hand-knotted-pearls-necklace-and-bracelet.jpg]590Hand-knotted white Pearls Necklace and Bracelet
White pearls custom set consisting of simple hand-knotted necklace and multi-stand bracelet
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_0047-01.jpg]600H905 - Shell Flower and Sterling Silver Headband
Crocheted sterling silver headband with a grey mother of pearl and sterling silver flower adorned with Swarovski crystals and pearls; shown at New York Couture Fashion Week in February 2013
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_1543.jpg]590H902 - Blue Gypsy Headdress
Headdress made of metallic blue crystals and silver plated metal chain; shown at New York Couture Fashion Week in February 2013
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_0009-01.jpg]570H900 - Gypsy Silver and White Headdress
Net headdress of white Swarovski pearls and clear glass crystals with silver plated metal chain; shown at New York Couture Fashion Week in February 2013
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_ruby-ellen-designs-fall-2013-064.jpg]620N898 - Back Bridal Necklace
Brass back necklace with a floral back centerpiece and delicate pearls and brass chain strand on front;
shown at New York Couture Fashion Week in February 2013
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_ruby-ellen-designs-fall-2013-021.jpg]610N903 - Long Silvel and Blue and Green Stones Necklace
Sterling silver long necklace with blue and green semiprecious stones, accented by Swarovski crystals; shown at New York Couture Fashion Week in February 2013
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_ruby-ellen-designs-fall-2013-024.jpg]580N896 - Dark Metallic Blue Beaded Collar
Dark metallic blue, green and purple crystal and pearls collar; shown at New York Couture Fashion Week in February 2013
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_elle-9.jpg]570N776 - Gold and Pink Pearls Beaded Necklace
Three beaded rows of golden and pink Swarovski pearls and crystals
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_0125-01.jpg]600894 - Dark Purple and Green Beaded Set
Large green and purple metallic crystal, with a beaded bezel, on a beaded rope of crystals and silver, with matching bracelet; shown at New York Couture Fashion Week in February 2013
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_0889.jpg]570Custom Silk Beaded Bridal Bracelet
Beaded silk ribbon wedding bracelet
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_0099-01.jpg]640Custom Beaded Bridal Bracelet
Custom bridal bracelet beaded with Japanese delica glass beads, sterling silver and Swarovski pearls and crystals
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_black-and-white-pearls-flower-necklace.jpg]540N754 - White and Black Swarovski Pearls and Crystals Necklace
choker length white and black necklace with centerpiece flower built with Swarovski crystal pearls and silver plated components with rhinestones; with pearls bracelet
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_0807.jpg]570Custom Freshwater Pearls and Sterling Silver Necklace
Long White and a gray hand-knotted strand of freshwater pearls with sterling silver flower clasp
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_hand-knotted-pearls-necklaces.jpg]530Pearls Necklaces
Two simple hand-knotted pearls necklaces in dusty rose and gray
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_elle-11.jpg]510N682 - Gray and White Pearls, Quartz and Silver Necklace
Necklace made with freshwater pearls, shell pearls, clear quartz, and sterling silver
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_0956.jpg]450N611 - White, Gold, and Black Fringe Necklace
A two-strand necklace made with white pearls, black Czech fire-polished faceted glass beads, frosted gold plated beads and gold-plated chain fringe
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_0969.jpg]560738 - Gold Pearls Beaded Set
narrow collar of antique gold Swarovski crystal pearls beaded with golden seed beads and light gold pearls, with a matching bracelet
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_0028-01.jpg]610894 - Pearls and Crystal Bridal Set
Necklace and bracelet made with Swarovski pearls and crystals, sterling silver
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_amber-5.jpg]500N698 - Crystal Shell and Pearls Bridal Necklace
Crystal shell Swarovski crystal pendant on knotted string of white freshwater pearls with small sterling silver clasp
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_dsc_0017-01.jpg]480Custom White Pearl Snowflakes Bridal Necklace
Custom bridal necklace made with Swarovski pearls and crystals
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_816.jpg]560N816 - White pearls and Silver Heart Necklace
Hand-knotted white freshwater pearls with silver heart pendant
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_780.jpg]530N780 - Swarowski Crystals and Pink Pearls Necklace
Pink Swarovski pearls in beaded bezels of silver glass beads with large Swarovski crystal oval link and hearts
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_700-on-model.jpg]470N700 - Gold and White Beaded Pearls and Crystals Collar
Swarovski crystal briolettes on a beaded collar of white pearls and gold glass beads
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_789.jpg]570N789 - White and Navy Pearls and Crystals Necklace
Hand-knotted white shell pearls and Swarowski crystals with navy and white flowers made with large glass pearls with beaded bezels
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_n1078.jpg]560N1078 - Black Onyx and White Petal Pearls Necklace
White petal freshwater pearls, with black onyx and sterling silver
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_713.jpg]840N713 - Gray and Black Pearls Necklace
Shell pearls and Swarovski crystal pearls wrapped with Japanese delica beads, with sterling silver chain and clasp
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_n1121swarovski-pearls-beaded-collar.jpg]700N1123 - Blue Swarovski Pearls Beaded Collar
petrol blue and lighyt gray crystal pearls wrapped with Japanese delica beads, with sterling silver
[img src=https://www.jolantafashions.ca/wp-content/flagallery/elegance/thumbs/thumbs_n1123-swarovski-pearls-beaded-collar.jpg]650N1123 - Burgundy Swarovski Pearls Beaded Collar
Burgundy crystal pearls wrapped with Japanese delica beads, with sterling silver