Air collection features playful, joyful designs, mostly in pastel colors and often featuring floral and other spring-theme elements.


Air Collection features playful, joyful designs, mostly in pastel colors and often featuring floral and other spring-theme elements

[img src=]1240N769 - Cherry Quartz Pink Beige and Cream Beaded Necklace
Round cherry quartz pendant adorned with pink glass flowers, in a pastel colour spiral beaded rope
[img src=]610878 - Rose Quartz and Crystals Necklace and Earrings
A necklace of rose quartz with two beaded components made with rose Swarovski crystals and sterling silver, withy matching earrings; shown at New York Couture Fashion Week in February 2013
[img src=]630N1049 - Silver Dragonfly Amethyst and Labradorite Necklace
Sterling silver dragonfly pendant (can be detached as a brooch) on two strands of amethyst and labradorite
[img src=]520N1131 - Garnet, Amethyst, and Silver Dragonfly Necklace
Delicate sterling silver, amethyst, and garnet necklace with dragonfly pendant
[img src=]480Custom Bridal Necklace and Bracelet
Sterling silver custom bridal necklace with various semiprecious stones
[img src=]550Custom Silver and Stones Bracelet
Palm bracelet made with sterling silver and selection of semiprecious stones
[img src=]570N957 - Black Onyx, Crystals and Silver Necklace
Swarovski crystals, in amethyst and fuchsia, with black onyx and sterling silver
[img src=]460N955 - Black Onyx, Crystals and Silver Necklace
Swarovski crystals, clear and golden shadow, with black onyx, smoky quartz, and sterling silver
[img src=]410N966 - Amethyst, Quartz and Silver Necklace
Long necklace made with sterling silver chain, pale amethyst, and quartz
[img src=]550N1060 - Pink Pearls and Rhodonite Necklace
Pink rhodonite donut with beaded bail on two strands of hand-knotted freshwater pearls, with sterling silver
[img src=]500N1057 - Pink and Gray Necklace
Rhodonite pendant with beaded bail, on two strands of rose pearls and labradorite, with sterling silver
[img src=]400N1017 - Colourful Pearls and Silver Necklace
Multiple strands of hand-knotted freshwater pearls with large sterling silver cones
[img src=]430N997 - Pink Stones and Silver Necklace
Strawberry quartz, rhodochrosite, and sterling silver necklace
[img src=]450N996 - Pink Stones and Silver Necklace
Rose quartz, rhodochrosite and sterling silver necklace
[img src=]440N1108 - Pink QUartz and Silver Necklace
Rose and strawberry and sterling silver necklace
[img src=]520N1015 - Pastel Colour Stones and Silver Necklace
Prehnite, pastel colour quartz and sterling silver necklace
[img src=]400N1014 - Pastel and Yellow Stones and Silver Necklace
Necklace made with yellow calcite, pastel colour quartz, and sterling silver
[img src=]460N1107 - Pink Coral Quartz, Angelite and Silver Necklace
Long necklace of sterling silver, blue angelite, pink coral, and clear quartz
[img src=]380N1024 - Pale Blue and Beige Stones and Silver Necklace
Pale blue and beige necklace made with semiprecious stones (agate, jasper and amazonite)m and sterling silver
[img src=]370N1169 - Long pink quartz and silver necklace
Long necklace made with rose and clear quartz, pink calsica, and sterling silver
[img src=]300N1173 - Pink Quartz, Rhodonite and Silver Necklace
Rose quartz pendant, with a bar of rhodonite cubes on sterling silver chain; can be worn short or long
[img src=]360N945 - Delicate Flowers Necklace
Delicate construction of sterling silver chain and hand-knitted wire with tthree flowers of blue amazonite and honey calcite
[img src=]350N757 - Amber and Lime Green Necklace
Venetian glass pendant in honey, lime green, and white, on a spiral beaded rope with amber and glass seed beads, finished with sterling silver
[img src=]380N775 - Gold and Pink Venetian Glass Necklace
Pink and gold Venetian glass on a beaded rope in pink, cream, yellow, and eggplant
[img src=]360N841 - Gray and Pink Flowers Necklace
Two flowers of gray mother of pearls and rose quartz on swo strands of shell and freshwater pearls
[img src=]330N872 - White and Yellow Flower Necklace
Asymmetric necklace of white and yellow mother of pearl flower, with citine and Swarovski crystals, glass pearls and beads, and sterling silver
[img src=]420N867 - Gray Shell Flowers Necklace
Tree flowers of mother of pearls and abalone shell on two strands of gray freshwater pearls
[img src=]340N647 - Rose Shell Flower Necklace
Rose brown shell flower on two string of mauve glass pearls and silver plated metal
[img src=]250N756 - Pink Flower Necklace
Large pink sell flower, on a spiral rope of coral, cherry quartz, freshwater pearls, and glass pearls
[img src=]320N791 - Opalite Flower Pendant
Flower pendant made with pale blue and purple opalite, on a delicate beaded spiral rope
[img src=]260N864 - Golden Pearls and Dragonfly Necklace
Golden quartz oval pendant with a sterling silver dragonfly on a hand-knotted strand of golden freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals
[img src=]270N934 - Peas in the Pod Green Pearls and Silver Necklace
Sterling silver hand-made pea pod with green freshwater pearls on a necklace of various shades and shapes of green freshwater pearls
[img src=]260N932 - Green Pendant with Silver Ladybug Necklace
Green varascite pendand adorned with a sterling silver ladybug on a strand of green, cream, and golden freshwater pearls and sterling silver beads
[img src=]280N933 - Olive and Orange Necklace with Silver Ladybug
Olive serpentine pendant with a sterling silver ladybug adornment, on a strand of olive and orange stones
[img src=]420N943 - Blue, Pink, and White Pearls with Dragonfly Pendant
Blue, pink and white hand-knotted freshwater pearls, with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver dragonfly pendant
[img src=]350N879 - Rose Quartz and Aquamarine Necklace
Rose quartz calla lilly on a delicate strand of sterling silver, pale blue aquamarine, rose quartz and crystals
[img src=]280N812 - Pearls and Silver Necklace
Golden yellow and silver gray hand-knotted freshwater pearls with sterling silver swirl pendant, adorned with quartz and moonstone