About Jolanta

JolantaJolanta Warpechowska-Gruca started creating jewellery in Poland, and moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1991. In 2009 she launched Jolanta Fashions, turning hobby to a business. Jolanta offers one of a kind jewellery with uniqueness guaranteed by careful cataloguing and photographic records.  Jolanta specializes in statement necklaces, but extends the offering to other jewellery types: bracelets, earrings, pins, etc. Her creations constantly evolve.

Jolanta combines various metals with natural materials like semiprecious stones, crystals, pearls, and glass. Designs incorporate surprise elements in unusual composition of materials, techniques, variety of textures, and mixing of delicate and substantial.

From Fall 2011 to Summer 2014, Jolanta has been working closely with a Calgary couture dress designer Ruby Johnson (Ruby Ellen Designs: www.rubyellendesigns.com ).  They showed together a collection of dresses and jewellery at the International Couture Fashion Week in New York in February 2013. Pictures from this show can be seen on the Archive page. Even though Ruby’s sudden death in July 2014 ended the collaboration, Ruby Ellen Designs remains a constant inspiration for Jolanta’s creativity.

Currently, Jolanta works closely with Sally Argast of SAL’s RedunDance (www.salsredundance.com ) accessorizing her artful upcycled creations. She also sells her jewellery through a carefully curated selection of fine stores and galleries, in addition to custom design for individual orders.

Jolanta’s Artist Statement

I find inspiration for my creations both at the source (materials) and the destination (the person who will be wearing it).

At the source level, natural and art focal objects, like a special semiprecious stone or a handmade glass bead, often lay foundation for a new necklace. I strive to bring out the beauty of the item, and enhance it by the use of color, textures, and various techniques. I value rhythm but include unpredictability. Many of my creations have asymmetric design. I like combining components with  different textures, glossy and matte finish, transparent versus opaque, delicate and substantial. I play with color combinations, both contrasting and tone-on-tone. I constantly look for ideas in nature and observe forms and colors to include in my next piece. As a hobby knitter and seamstress, I also take inspiration from color, pattern and texture of fine fabric or yarn.

On the other hand, as I often work with individuals on creating custom designs, I strive to design the perfect piece for the person. The work typically begins with an interview that allows me to learn about personality and preferences. If the task is to create an accessory for a special outfit, I strive to make the perfect match between the existing item and my creation. Jewellery art does not exist in isolation; it is meant to be worn by someone, and I find fulfillment in seeking to discover the synergy between the piece and the wearer.