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Casual Fun Take on Knotted Pearls Bracelets

Sunday, 19 April, 2015

knotted dark purple pearls bracelet with rhinestone lips knotted pearls bracelet in orange, olive green and burgundy with bee charm knotted pearls bracelet in peacock blue with cross charms and crystals knotted pink pearls bracelet - breast cancer awareness - hope peacock blue pearls and rhinestones eyeglasses bracelet worn as a  necklace rhinestone eyeglasses bracelet with  pink pearls rhinestones eyeglasses bracelet with multicoloured pearls golden pearls eyeglasses bracelet worn as a  necklace knotted blue pearls bracelet with bicycle charmThese hand-knotted pearls are more fun than formal. The wrap-around style can be worn as a short necklace, too.