Gorgeous Rainbow Knitted Sweater Coat

rainbow stripes wool sweater coat - frontrainbow stripes wool sweater coat -backrainbow stripes wool sweater coat -siderainbow stripes wool sweater coat -collar upThis may be the most stunning thing I ever knitted. I created this sweater coat with 100% wool Japanese Noro Kureyon Air yarn. For those who are not familiar with Noro yarn, let me tell you that it is hand spun. You can feel while knitting that its thickness changes slightly, which is typical to hand spun yarns. While it is a  delight to work with, it also poses a challenge in balancing the stripes, as no two skeins are totally identical. I am proud to have done a good job of it.

I designed the pattern myself. I decided on simple knit and purl combinations with vertical cables to counterbalance the horizontal stripes coming from the yarn colors. The coat is finished with buttons in three exactly matching colors.

It is super cozy and warm. While it can keep your body warm and comfortable in freezing winter temperatures, the cheerful colors will surely warm up your soul.

Available at my Etsy shop.