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Holiday Shopping at Jolanta Fashions on Etsy

Friday, 11 December, 2015

I finally revived Jolanta Fashions shop on Etsy. If you are still looking for an original hand-made item for someone special on your gift-giving list, and would like to support a local creator who loves what she is doing, please check it out. I have some items ready to ship (or deliver), and can still create a few more on order. If you place an order before Monday, December 14, 2015, I’ll make sure you get it before Christmas.

I will be adding more items to the Etsy store to it as the time allows. For now, back to knitting :-)

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Wishing you Happy and Healthy Holidays and all the best in  the New Year!


Non-Allergenic Shawl

Friday, 11 December, 2015

After the umpteenth person at art and craft sales expressed regret that they cannot wear my knitted shawls because the cannot wear wool, it finally dawned on me: “There are people who cannot wear wool.” Duh! I tested the ground by accepting a  custom order for a  no-wool shawl and … fell in love with the yarn. Yes, it is totally synthetic: a blend of acrylic with a bit of polyester, but it feels like a teddy bear embrace and comes with variety of shaded colours. Its asymmetric style allows for different ways of wearing, as shown in the pictures. I already knitted several of these and am looking forward to making more. All available at Jolanta Fashions on Etsy.

Violet Synthetic No-Wool ShawlOlive Green Synthetic No-Wool ShawlWhite Beige Gray Blue Synthetic No-Wool Shawl

Burgundy Synthetic No-Wool Shawl

Chunky Cowl

Friday, 11 December, 2015

I discovered this lush 100% wool from Italy in a local yarn store and started knitting chunky cowls that are so much in fashion this year. Not only it is all natural yarn, but it was dyed with natural dye, too. It is very soft, and does not have the scratchy-wool feel. Here is a sample of two color schemes: 1) mustard yellow with dark gray, and 2) natural light beige colour of wool. In the making is dark gray with burgundy (think: beet root), dark gray with natural beige, and very light gray (similar to the natural light beige but cooler shade). Can be purchased from Jolanta Fashions store on Etsy: .

Mustard Yellow and Gray Woolen CowlMustard Yellow and Gray Woolen CowlNatural Light Beige Woolen CowlMustard Yellow and Gray Woolen CowlNatural Light Beige Woolen Cowl