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Leather and Stones Bracelets

Monday, 17 March, 2014

Quartz, agate, moon stone, and leather braceletsEncouraged by a friend who wanted one, I spent a creative weekend weaving bracelets from leather cord and semiprecious stones. I will bring a selection of them to the Calyx show on Saturday, April 26 (details closer to the date).


Blue and green stones and leather braceletsColourful stones and leather braceletsFall Colour Stones and Leather BraceletsTurquoise magnesite, Malaysian jade and leather braceletTurquoise magnesite, Malaysian jade and leather bracelet





Do Not Leave Your Wings

Monday, 10 March, 2014

Since the untimely death of Jen Unplugged (right) who turned her battle with cancer into a relentless campaign and celebration of life and love, I keep thinking of her charisma, generosity, and fierce zest for life. The necklace below is a tribute to her. It is titled “Do Not Leave Your Wings”, and it is made with leather, metal, glass beads, pearls, shell, and rhinestones, using mixed techniques that include bead embroidery. It was auctioned off on Saturday, March 8. All proceeds for the benefit of cancer research.